Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?

No, We choose not to take insurance in order to keep a non-profit (Ministry) status. At The Well operates on a donation, tithe, and offering basis. We welcome all who want others to get the help they need, but are unable to afford counseling, to give to At The Well on a regular basis.

How can I receive counseling via long distance?

We offer Skype Counseling from anywhere in the United States. You are able to donate via PayPal from our website for those sessions. It has been very convenient for mothers with small children who just can’t get across town or for someone who is in another State. Just log in to your Skype account and send me an invite to atthewellministries.

Are my sessions confidential?

Many times individuals are highly encouraged to open up to spouses or their family as a whole in order to bring about healing and restoration. Even though your counseling sessions are highly confidential and private and sharing information from our meetings with another is highly unlikely, I, as the Pastoral counselor reserve the right to share some information with another person based on my Christian convictions, and if I truly believe it will be beneficial to the healing process. The only time that I the counselor will share information without hesitation is when you give me a verbal or written consent, or if a notable violent crime has been committed against yourself or another person, such as child abuse, rape, suicide attempt, domestic violence, or murder. At that point I would be obligated by law and my moral conscience to report that crime to the authorities.

As a Christian ministry, and a registered 501c3 tax deductible non-profit organization, At The Well Counseling is not obligated by the dictates the State run counseling statutes and regulations. We operate under the “Separation of Church and State” amendment. We do not tell the State how to counsel people, and they do not tell us how to counsel. We are not subject to laws such as H.I.P.A., or D.O.R.A. (Department of Regulatory Agencies).

How much do you charge for counseling?

We ask an $85 suggested tax deductible donation per session or an upfront $325.00 donation for five sessions (this is a $25.00 savings per session). A counseling session can last anywhere from forty minutes to one hour in length. This suggested donation can be revised based on your financial status. Some people use their tithe money towards counseling while they are seeking help. I highly encourage individuals who are seeking counseling to be responsible in investing in their healing. This suggested donation is our main source of fund-raising. We do accept all major credit cards.

What is your Christian belief?

We believe in one God the Father almighty, the Creator of the heavens and the earth. We believe in Jesus Christ His only Son who was born of a virgin, suffered, died, and was bodily resurrected from the dead to prove that He was the One and only true God. No other religious leader, prophet, or god is a true representation of the one and only God, except Jesus Christ who is and was God in the flesh. We believe that because of what Jesus Christ had done through His death, burial, and resurrection, He fulfilled all things and that through Him mankind might be saved from their own destruction, demise and sin. We believe that the Bible is the compilation of God inspired documents and is completely accurate and true from its original translations and in its proper interpretation.
We are pro-life. We believe in marriage between one man and one woman. We believe that through the life of Jesus on the earth, He fulfilled all things, and had set a precedence and an example of true judgment to all who fight against His principles. We believe Christ’s kingdom has been established on the earth through the life of Jesus and His disciples in order to sustain abundant life which is above all other authorities, and has no end from generation to generation.