Receive Christian Counseling from the comfort of your own home

Receive Christian Counseling from the comfort of your own home

From Parker, CO directly to your living room, Dr. Joseph is available to help

Thanks to numerous technological advances in this day and age, communication has become easier than ever, and your physical location, less and less important. Gone are the days of waiting in long bank lines since you can now bank from your laptop. No longer do you need to spend hours in department stores when you can now choose items on your computer and have them shipped directly to your door.

At The Well Ministries Family & Marriage Counseling is continuing the trend of making your physical location merely a side note. Tom Joseph Ph.D. is proud to offer webcam counseling to any and all individuals who are unable to make the trip to his office. Remote counseling, or Skype counseling, is a great way to provide all of the support and counseling sessions of a typical appointment while allowing you to remain within the comfort of your own home. By using Skype and a webcam, you too can have a counseling session with Dr. Joseph Ph.D. right from a work office or your own home.

Dr. Tom Joseph is pleased to provide webcam counseling to individuals under the following circumstances:

  • Parents who need to stay home with a child
  • People who prefer their own home because of bad weather
  • Those who live too far away or who are out of state.
  • Last minute rescheduling or work
  • Any other reason a person may wish to provide

Interested in remote counseling with Dr. Tom Joseph? Contact him via email or call (303) 840-5825 today for more information.