If you have been hurt, disappointed, and your life has been damaged because of a Christian church or organization, this book is for you. There are, many Christians who stayed in abusive marriages, left good jobs, didn’t take a good job, damaged a good marriage, forfeited future plans of college and investments because of an end-of-the-world or Second Coming belief. Moreover, many have served their church or Christian ministry for years just to be left empty, lost children to an unbelieving dysfunctional lifestyle, lost lots of money based on a false doctrine about sowing and reaping and was shunned from their congregation because of divorce.

This book will help a person see the Bible from a true and realistic point of view and from its original context. This book will help you digest the reality of the Bible. It will give you, the reader, an insider’s view of true faith. I am for lifting up the name of Jesus, glorifying the name of Jesus, and worshiping the name of Jesus. I respect all Christian denominations who recognize that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, and that He is the Lord of all.

I am for the moral and ethical stance of all Christian denominations who preach against social ills like abortion, sodomy (homosexuality), and all other immoral behaviors that plague our country today. But, I am against the religious aspect and man-made doctrines these denominations exhibit. I do believe that the Bible is the inerrant and inspired word of God if interpreted in its original context and meaning. I call myself a behavioral Christian. I do not call myself a Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, Pentecostal, Methodist, Presbyterian, etc. These are all good Christian denominations from their basic Christian foundations, but they have also instilled religious doctrines in their movements that limits the ability to bring true, healthy change in the lives of people as individuals.

The religion part of these organizations keep faith in Christ and true behavioral maturity at bay. It is adolescent faith at best. Some of these Christian religions are babes in the faith, and many of them are exciting, emotional, and addictive, like adolescent behavior. But very few Christian organizations and denominations really bring the masses to a true, healthy behavioral change that is long-lasting and makes a true positive impact in our society as a whole.

The religious doctrinal part of these organizations stifles, twists, and reengineers the Bible to fit the emotional desperation of the marketing functionality of the corporation, rather than teaching the original context and reality of true faith. This religious part of traditional doctrine keeps the people limited and addicted to the process of the organization, rather than the true maturity of faith that is evident by behavioral change.

Put simply, this book will take the Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, and the tooth fairy out of the Bible and instill the true maturity of faith from its intended interpretation. Whenever the minority of the dysfunctional, subcultural, disenfranchised, unnatural, or pathological causes the stable and normal people to sympathize, empathize, and compromise to their apparently stuck plight of an unrepentant, pathetic life, then the institution becomes sold out to the inmates, the insane asylum is run by the patients, and the kingdom of God and the Holy Bible is adjusted to religion. This, then, becomes holy crap.