"Where do I start? For over 17 years, I (and my husband) went to 6 different counselors. What Dr. Joseph has been able to walk us through in 3 months is nothing short of a miracle. There were issues I didn't even know I had, and more importantly, I was too blinded by life and myself to know how to walk through the issues and heal. I needed someone to shoot straight with me and not waste my time (and my life). In the process, my marriage and our children have begun to heal in ways I could never have imagined. If you want to waste more time ignoring and running from the real junk we all have within us, only to let it pile-up, then don't go to Tom. But if you need TRUE healing, he's your guy. I am forever grateful for Dr. Joseph's gift and his willingness to serve in that gift."


"If you are looking to change something about your life, in a healthy and positive way, then Tom Joseph is the person to see. I struggled with anxiety for years. Struggles still exist in life but they don't control like before. Thank you Dr Joseph and At The Well Ministries for making my life a safe place to be."


"Dr. Joseph has been instrumental in my growth. He has guided our marriage to a much healthier place than it has ever been. His very direct way of speaking and tackling the problem, along with his God guiding principles are vital to life. He has always been available to help when ever we have needed him. I am now, and will be forever be grateful for his presence in my life."


"Dr. Tom saved our marriage... My husband and I have had a non-traditional long distance relationship for 7 yrs and all the hardships that come from it. Counseling was the last attempt to see if we could work through our issues as we plan to finally be completely together. With Dr. Toms guidance, we navigated our differences and challenges by understanding deeper self issues and fears that was testing our marriage. With a faith based perspective and counseling of our intimate issues individually and as a couple, Dr. Tom has helped us evolve into an emotionally intimate and healthy relationship. I have Dr. Tom on speed dial."


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