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Sexual Addiction By Tom Joseph Ph.D., L.C.P.C. Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor

by Dr. Tom Joseph Ph.D   Sexual Addiction is the insatiable thirst of never being content or secure with true love, intimacy, acceptance, and approval to the point of possibly engaging in; selfish, controlling, risky, unethical, immoral, unnatural, or even violent behaviors that include a sexual experience trying to obtain long term satisfaction with short […]


by Dr. Tom Joseph Ph.D Out of all the emotional problems that negatively affect a person’s behavior, the most prevalent that I see in my practice is anxiety. More people then not suffer from some sort of anxiety. Most all the other issues I have spoken or written about, in one way or another are […]

The Origin of Anxiety

There are many sources that cause a person to start anticipating bad things to come. Childhood abuse is the most to blame for the creation of anxiety. When a child doesn’t feel safe from the adults in their own home, they will try to rationalize and problem solve with an undeveloped brain on how to […]