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Tom Joseph, PhD. L.C.P.C.
(Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor)
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Tom was awarded a PhD in Biblical Behavior Studies pertaining to Ministry in September 2011. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Christian Counseling and is a member of the National Christian Counselors Association. He has countless hours in family counseling and has been a radio talk show host for seven years in Denver Colorado, and is an author of his book Why We Stay Stuck. He was a senior pastor for five years of a new church plant he pioneered, and served as a Family Life Minister for two years with another church body. Tom has years of hospital experience, which include: direct patient care, pharmacy, and over three years of in-house mental health/addiction treatment with adolescents and adults. Tom has had personal experience dealing with family and close associations he had to learn to overcome himself. Tom’s direct approach gets to the core of the issue which offers solutions in the most difficult situations.
Early Years
In high school and college, Tom was an accomplished athlete in the sport of wrestling . He was president of two of his high school classes and was captain, and an undefeated state champion in Michigan of his 1976 State championship wrestling team. Tom went on to take third in the nation in the sport of wrestling his freshman year at Grand Rapids Jr. collage. After finishing most of his undergraduate work, he went on to coach wresting to all ages as a community contribution. As his hobby, he now continues to referee all ages in the sport of wresting as a member of the Colorado High School Athletic Association.
Tom and his wife Vicki have raised and helped put five children through college as a successful blended family.

Kyla from Elisabeth, CO says:

“This past year, I experienced an overwhelming feeling that I no longer loved my husband, and I was ready to give up my marriage of 16 years, to become a single mom of 4 kids. Dr. Tom Joseph helped me to sort out my very confused feelings, obtain a voice, and cry out to God, re-claiming the life He had given me. I am so blessed to say that my marriage and faith have been restored, and I have great hope for the future of our family! Thank you, Tom!!!”

Sandra from Colorado

Thank you for all you’ve done to help me overcome co-dependency and get out of abusive relationships. You stayed the course in spite of my stubbornness! Thanks for being tough, but more thanks for not giving up on me.

Connie from Texas says:

“Tom Joseph spoke with me in straightforward, truthful counsel. He helped me recognize codependency and abuse. His book, Why We Stay Stuck, was quite helpful to me and I passed it on to friends. Using the personality profile was insightful to my children and me in understanding ourselves and each other.”

Cindy from Monument, CO says:

“Prior to going to Tom Joseph for counseling, I was only vaguely aware of the verbal and mental abuse that my two children and I had tolerated over the previous years, thinking that this was not actual “abuse” and that I deserved this treatment for doing something wrong. After my husband and the father of my children left us, we sought counseling with Tom to help us get back on track to be the people we were meant to be. Tom opened our eyes to the fact that what we had endured was a form of abuse that can strip a person of their self-esteem, decision-making skills, and their overall individuality. My children at the time were ages 16 and 18 – old enough to know that this treatment by their father was very wrong for so many years. Once we began counseling, Tom helped guide us in the direction to overcome these previous experiences and to become healthy individuals who are no longer in a co-dependent situation of any sort. We’ve learned and applied techniques to know when a co-dependent/abusive situation is apparent and how to avoid it. We have become stronger from Tom’s counseling, making us better people for ourselves and those around us. Tom’s counseling has also enabled my children, now ages 20 and 22, to be able to stand up to their father and say what they think without feeling any type of fear, shame or intimidation by him. With Tom’s help, we are now healthy and we know how to deal with, or avoid, individuals who are not a positive influence in our lives. It’s a great feeling to be happy and healthy.”

Gloria from Parker, CO says:

“My family was greatly helped by Tom Joseph’s counseling, starting with the inborn temperament test, which pointed out to us our personality traits, and how we interacted with each other. Then Tom showed us the patterns of dysfunctional behavior we grew up with, and how our lives were just bereft with problems due to incorrect thinking. Tom Joseph guided us into CLEAR thinking based on the Truth of God’s Word.”

Tangie from Broadview, IL says:

“Before contacting Dr. Tom, I had spent the last 2 years trying to “fix” my family. Through Dr. Tom’s teaching and compassionate counseling, I learned that I can not change my family and that I can only change myself in order to meet my own expectations. I was given a personality temperament test to complete. The results stated that I have a melancholy temperament, which explained the depressive moods that I frequently experience. Dr. Tom gave me a few options that would help to balance my mood and boy did it help! Dr. Tom is one of the coolest people to talk to as well. Very enlightened and way ahead of the “psychology game”. I recommend his counsel to anyone wanting to move forward in life. I knew intuitively that Dr. Tom could relate to just about all of life’s problems. But I learned in later conversations that he not only understands… he OVER-stands (laughing). I am looking forward to viewing more of his videos relating to life, God and the growing dysfunction in America and abroad. Dr. Tom is fascinating and I couldn’t have picked a better Christian counselor.”

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