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Tom Joseph, PhD. L.C.P.C.
(Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor)
19039 E. Plaza Dr.
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Parker CO 80134
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Family, Marriage, Christian Life

Anxiety & Depression

Counseling in Parker, CO & the Denver Area

For compassionate guidance and counseling in Parker, CO and the Denver area, call At the Well Ministries today. We offer everything from depression and anxiety counseling to family counseling. Tom was awarded a PhD in Biblical Behavior Studies pertaining to Ministry in September 2011. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Christian Counseling and is a member of the National Christian Counselors Association. He has countless hours in family counseling and marriage counseling, and has been a radio talk show host for seven years in Denver Colorado, and is an author of his book Why We Stay Stuck. He was a senior pastor for five years of a new church plant he pioneered, and served as a Family Life Minister for two years with another church body. Tom has years of hospital experience, which include: direct patient care, pharmacy, and over three years of in-house mental health/addiction treatment with adolescents and adults- this experience includes counseling for anxiety and depression counseling. Tom has had personal experience dealing with family and close associations he had to learn to overcome himself. Tom’s direct approach gets to the core of the issue which offers solutions in the most difficult situations.
Early Years
In high school and college, Tom was an accomplished athlete in the sport of wrestling . He was president of two of his high school classes and was captain, and an undefeated state champion in Michigan of his 1976 State championship wrestling team. Tom went on to take third in the nation in the sport of wrestling his freshman year at Grand Rapids Jr. collage. After finishing most of his undergraduate work, he went on to coach wresting to all ages as a community contribution. As his hobby, he now continues to referee all ages in the sport of wresting as a member of the Colorado High School Athletic Association.
Tom and his wife Vicki have raised and helped put five children through college.

Dr. Joseph,
I had to send a shout out to you to say thank you! I have just had an experience where I had to move from selfish, victim thinking into empowered, see the red flags and take responsibility for making hard decisions. Much of your teaching and God’s truth came to mind in that experience and I just wanted to say thank you. I am still a work in progress but feel like there is a platform of stability and truth to function from. I don’t feel so darn helpless anymore…. That feels good! God is good and amazingly empowering when you come to a truer understanding of His Truth.
Thank you!
Jennifer from TX

Kyla from Elisabeth, CO says:
I experienced an overwhelming feeling that I no longer loved my husband, and I was ready to give up my marriage of 16 years, to become a single mom of 4 kids. Dr. Tom Joseph helped me to sort out my very confused feelings, obtain a voice, and cry out to God, re-claiming the life He had given me. I am so blessed to say that my marriage and faith have been restored, and I have great hope for the future of our family! Thank you, Tom!!!”

Dave from Parker CO writes:
I have been meeting with Tom for over a year now, in that time and through his support I was able to battle through depression, P.T.S.D. (from desert storm) and some horrific mistakes made in my life. His constant support and determination to help those in need who are truly repentant is beyond compare. He is not afraid to speak the truth and does not waiver in his beliefs. He has counseled both myself and my wife, she too has benefited from Tom’s teachings and steadfastness.
We have been greatly blessed in meeting with Tom, his Biblical knowledge is second to none and is offered freely to those who ask. I know for a fact the only people who react angrily to his efforts are those who are afraid to face the truth and would rather run than face their demons. If you are strong enough, truly want to change your life and live in the “peace of God, which surpasses all understanding” then Tom is the right man to see.

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