Dr. Tom Joseph, PhD
(Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor)


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Find Your Way with At The Well Ministries, Inc.

Marriage and family life Christian counseling in Parker, CO

Sometimes the challenges we face in life can become overwhelming. During these dark times of life we often turn away from our faith and end up spinning in an endless cycle. This is where At the Well Counseling Ministry steps in. Dr. Tom Joseph wants to help you find your way past whatever challenge you may be facing. If you’re ready to take back what was lost, and restore your life, schedule an appointment with At The Well Ministries today!

What is clinical Christian counseling?

Clinical Christian counseling is a form of counseling that incorporates strong Biblical moral principles with years of in-hospital clinical experience. At the Well Ministries, Inc. understands the intersection of clinical and Biblical. Dr. Joseph uses these two most important truths to help Christians overcome life’s obstacles.

You’re in good hands

Dr. Joseph is a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, and is here to help you when it seems like life has pushed your back against the wall. His experience in both hospital and Biblical counseling has equipped him with the compassion and knowledge necessary to help you through these times. All is not lost and we will help guide you every step of the way. Learn more about his beliefs and his process by clicking below.

At the Well counseling is a ministry, therefore it gives the counselor the ability to build a Pastoral relationship with you and your family during and after counseling. This also allows Dr. Joseph to counsel with a conviction and not by the dictates and restrictions of a state regulator.

Areas of focus

It is our goal to provide Christian counseling that is useful in dealing with the following:

• Addictions
• Co-Dependency
• Mood Disorders
• Depressive Disorder
• Anxiety Disorder
• Marriage Problems
• Family Issues

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2 Book Gift Set - $12



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